While our Surveillance and Access Control are essential, in order to have a more complete Security ecosystem, RH Synergy recommends our Monitoring Solutions.

Inevitably there will be unforeseen lapse on most security systems due to human error. To minimize such error and as a prevention, RH Synergy recommends our Monitoring Solutions, either as a standalone or integrated into existing systems, will be able to detect abnormal activity or intrusion and send off an alert, aid the identification of vehicle or personnel, and even provide a software management system to better manage your monitoring in a systematic manner.

We are happy to take on this task of yours so that you can put your mind at ease and concentrate on your business development.

Relevant Monitoring Solutions:

  • Alarm Detection System :: Standard ‘Call Back” Monitored Alarm
  • Alarm Detection :: Video Alarm Monitoring
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Time Attendance System
  • Key Management System
  • People Counter System
  • Guard Tour System