Service_Page_homeBuild your own sanctuary. From traditional homes to modern developments, we have various technology solutions to fulfil every home owner’s idea of a safe haven.

An ideal Home Automation system would allow you to be in complete control, from unlocking the door, switching on the lights and appliances to turning them off at the ease of your finger tips.

With Access Control in place, you can choose to bar uninvited guests from entering your home by adding this additional layer of filtering. This is essential if your children are home alone without adult supervision. To further tighten your home security, install sensors by the doors and windows, and any intrusion will set off the alarm.

For a more complete measure, adding a Surveillance System will also allow 24/7 monitoring for owners to keep track of the happenings back home. No matter wherever you are, enjoy the peace of mind as your home and loved ones are just a screen away. This is favourable for households with elderly or young children.

All the preventive measures above are designed to further reduce the risk of intrusion and burglary.