Service_Page_CommsCommunicating is a vital aspect of having a security system in place.To deter suspicious individuals from entering your compound where access control is no longer feasible, what can you have in place?

Our Audio & Visual Intercom provides a screening channel for property owners to verify a visitor through visual or audio means before allowing access. This is especially handy when a compound welcomes endless stream of visitors and Registered Access Control is no longer feasible in the long run.

In the case of a life-threatening emergency, how can you send a broadcast message to everyone? E.g. A fire broke out in a shopping mall or commercial building, how do you inform everyone in the shortest timeframe possible?

Our Public Announcement System will be the ideal solution for this situation. A comprehensive evaluation of the compound will be conducted to ensure that an announcement can be heard at all locations in the compound. At RH Synergy, our trained specialists will be able to analyze and design an effective solution to cover all your corners.