With increasing crime rates and occurrence of terrorism activities happening any day and anytime of the year, Access Control Solution has become one of the most inevitable security solutions.

Having minimally the Access Control system, this helps to track people entering and exiting your compound. Coupled with the Visitor Management system, we will be able to obtain a more comprehensive record of every visitor’s movement in event an incident or emergency arises.

From employee safety to building security to protecting your business assets, the security system in place may vary for every company due to the different needs and complexity. In order for us to help gauge and better customise the solutions, do get in touch for a further discussion.

Access Control Technologies

  • Facial Recognition
  • Biometric Fingerprint
  • Biometric Fingervein
  • Vascular Hand Recognition
  • Card Access
  • Keypad Access
  • Flush Mounting Design

Relevant Access Control Solutions

  • Carpark Management System
  • Security Management System
  • Auto Gate System
  • Turnstile System

Access Control System Integrated Products