Our Complete Integrated Security Solution Provider

Our Complete Integrated Security Solutions with the latest software and hardware, coupled with our team of certified specialists help to integrate the most reliable and manageable Security Solution into your businesses.

Our security solutions serve multiple markets such as retail, manufacturing, commercial, education, financial and more.

Access Control

With increasing crime rates and occurrence of terrorism activities happening any day and anytime of the year, Access Control Solution has become one of the most inevitable security solutions.


This digital video solution will allow on-site monitoring as well as video playback; with the virtual surveillance system in place, you can better concentrate on the business productivity and profitability. Keeping an eye on your properties or facilities is just a screen away.


Inevitably there will be unforeseen lapse on most security systems due to human error. To minimize such error and as a prevention, RH Synergy recommends our Monitoring Solutions, either as a standalone or integrated into existing systems.


Communicating is a vital aspect of having a security system in place. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, how can you send a broadcast message to everyone? To deter suspicious individuals from entering your compound where access control is no longer feasible, what can you have in place?

Home Automation & Security

An ideal Home Automation system would allow you to be in complete control, from unlocking the door, switching on the lights and appliances to turning them off at the ease of your finger tips.