At RH Synergy, we believe in providing a One Stop Integrated Security Solution for all our customers. Put your worries aside as we shoulder your responsibilities over the concerns of security breach. We will rise to the challenge of building a customized solution to cater to your needs.

Not only do we provide state of the art security solutions, we are also committed to support all other relevant services. Imagine being equipped with the most elaborate and complex integrated security system and yet not having a competent team of experts to support you in event of an emergency with our team of dedicated support specialists, there is no need to worry.

Design Turnkey Projects

Security is an integral part of many businesses, be it commercial, industrial or even residential projects.

turnkey projects

In the modern world of today, individuals, companies and organizations own more data, more technology and possess greater assets that need to be protected. Many companies desire a safe and secure working environment to protect the company’s assets, yet find it difficult to prioritize this expense and often overlook the importance of security as part of a company’s overall structure and survival.

With years of experience of implementing and managing security systems in various projects and markets, RH Synergy offers comprehensive consulting solutions to our clients based on their development requirements, allowing them focus on their primary businesses. Our strong fundamentals and ready resources enable us to leverage our expertise to integrate all security features seamlessly and have brought multiple projects to success.

Unlike security integrators, RH Synergy does not limit itself to a single product line. We maintain close working relationships with all our local and regional partners and our extensive product includes Surveillance System, Access Control System, Audio/ Video Intercom System, Auto Gate/ Carpark Management System, Guard Tour System, Public Address (PA) System, Turnstile System, Visitor Management System and many more.

When it comes to security, it is more cost effective to be prepared and eliminate the risk than to react to a crisis. So hesitate no further, have a chat with us, we will be more than ready to assist you in your business.

Installation Specialist

At RH Synergy, we emphasize on quality, reliability without compromising the core of our business – security. Our team of experts certified in the followings, will provide their best and most utmost services:

Certified wax seal, part of my wax seal collection.

    • Building Construction Supervisors Safety
    • Construction Safety Orientation
    • Basic Concept in Construction Productivity Enhancement (BCCPE)
    • Work-at-height
    • Scissor lift / Boom lift Operator
    • Welder’s Certified

24 hours standby team

24-7At RH Synergy, we embrace the round-the-clock system to ensure that your security system will not be compromised. Any vulnerable loop in the security system can cause considerable damage to an organization.

Start today, entrust your security systems with us, we are committed to safeguard them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In event of any security emergency, you may contact us at +65 9641 0002.

Maintenance Services

service_maintenanceThe purpose of any security system serves to deter thefts, threats and safeguard the interest of your businesses. The experience of a downtime on your security system can be disruptive to your organization. At RH Synergy, we are committed to provide the utmost support maintaining your security solutions; your security systems will be backed by a team of experts to ensure improved uptime of your equipment and faster response times.

Our services include the followings but not limited to;-

  1. Non-Comprehensive Maintenance: A preventive measure where we conduct scheduled visits upon customers’ request to check on a system’s specific function.
  2. Comprehensive Maintenance: A thorough investigation to provide in-depth analysis, repair and servicing, and/or replacement when breakdown arises.
  3. Customized Maintenance: Our maintenance services can also be tailor made to your specifications to meet your requirements.

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