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Autogate Systems

Automatic gates provide a security feature that regulates access into a secured area. Mostly these are used as an entrance to a premises or facility, and mostly control vehicular activity as automatic gates act gatekeepers that control access to a secured area.

Let us have a look at various types of automatic gates:
Slide Gate

It is the most commonly used automatic gate for light duty commercial applications. It functioned by sliding back and forth across the gate opening. Rollers are installed at the bottom of the gate to support the gate, and they ride along the metal track that is installed on the ground across the gate opening. And these gates are also called as “rolling gates” or “V- track gates”.

Swing Gate

These gates are hinged on one side and swing open and closed like a door. Swing gates typically travel a 90 degree arc between their open and closed positions. Swing gates can consist of a single leaf or double leafs and can be in-swinging or out-swinging.

Swing gates are most commonly used in residential applications because of their low cost and ease of installation. Because swing gates travel over a large arc, space must be available to allow vehicles approaching the gate to remain clear while the gate opens or closes.

The swinging arc of the gate also requires additional safety considerations to prevent people or vehicles from being hit or trapped by the moving gate

For example, a large factory unit may use automatic gate at its entrance. They help in controlling and managing the vehicular activity at premises. For example, use of automatic gates at parking garages to provide separate parking space for employees and public areas of the garage.

The two components comprising of an automatic gate usually involves a gate and a gate operator. The gate restricts the opening area and is mostly made up of iron or chain- link material and is designed to match with the fencing. Whereas a gate operator is machinery that moves the gate with respect to opening and closing of the same, they are electrical- powered and they work on machinery and they do not need any manual effort in performing its function.