RHS Counter 39


Product Description

The Counter 39 is a horizontal people counter with a pair of Transmitter / Receiver set. It works on the principle of interrupting a horizontal infrared beam. The Transmitter sends a pulsing infrared beam to the Receiver continuously.

When this beam is interrupted, the receiver detects it. This is logged in the Receiver as a count value and is shown on the display of the receiver.


Mounting on Parallel vertical wall

  • Both the Transmitter and Receiver must be mounted on equal height (1.25m recommended) and face each other. Not recommended for the people counter to work through glass (e.g. glass door). It will not function properly.

Position Adjustment

  • Holding on the switch button on receiver while both Transmitter and Receiver are facing each other. A RED light below the display will light up (the beam between Transmitter and Receiver must not be interrupted). If the light is blinking or even does not light up at all, the Transmitter must be tilted a little. The longer the light is on the better it is, the Transmitter is positioned in the right way when the light is steadily on.


  • By keeping the width of passing as small as possible the counting accuracy is the highest. More than one person going through the passage, as the same time will be counted as one person.

Zero Set Possibility

  • Reset can be done by holding on to the switch for 5-6 seconds on the Receiver, somewhere in the middle. DO NOT INTERRUPT THE BEAM WHILE RESETTING.


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